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About The Second Illusion

The video works of SpOp are inviting the viewer to enter a world consisting of semi Sci-fi structure cast into a ‘moving painting’. The filmed actors are active in between layers of colour splodges, graphic elements, film and photo fragments and fabricated props; a collaged environment.

While the theme song of the ELO film is intended as a song praising commercialism and its seductiveness, the song and soundscape for The Second Illusion suggest a rather more sober view into the pettiness of everyday life and the unreachability of the Illusion.
The use of crumbles as a metaphor in the The Second Illusion stems from the phrase ‘That’s the way the cookie crumbles’. It raises the questions of whether we should (assuming we have the choice) just accept the dominant economical system. Go on finding ways to manage our lives with the crumbles we get, or are we ourselves merely little crumbles wishing to take revenge. The Second Illusion further translates this idea into the private sphere, dealing with human inability to even grasp an illusionist image.

The ambiguity of the object and the options it embarks are symbolized in the earlier film The Everlasting Option by the little blue pill (or candy). The foreign element, the inspiration, the trigger, the desired abstract object is going back and forth, changing faces and intentions depending on what field it has landed and in who’s hands. The option to act is always present somehow.

written for the exhibition in Roodkapje, March 2012