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A number of artists and writers were engaged to contribute to the making of the artist’s book Kboek-Round Production. They received a list of trigger points to which they could respond. The reactions came back in a varied form: as essay, comment, photo works, collages and objects.

The book carries no direct activist, moralist or academic claim. It is a surprising gathering of different interpretations. The basic idea behind the book is to set an alternative parallel to the commrcial conglomerate: a hermetic corpus, built through the clotting of different functioning organs.

Graphic designer Lenno Verhoog combined the contributions into a multiple, open artwork which aims to stimulate the reader into visualizing his/her own complete picture.

Kboek was presented along with an exhibition in Noordkaap, Dordrecht.
It opened with a performance by Nina Hitz and Florian Cramer and finished with a concert by Static Tics.
A second presentation of the book included the performance ‘Art is a Luxury’ with Coolhaven & F. Cramer. Held at the Center of Arts, Rotterdam.