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The young members of a nihilist movement are leading a retreated way of life. While finding shelter in empty houses and stolen cars, their goal remains simply the marking of ‘the most boring places on the planet’. 
A found body of a suffocated guy throws a shadow on their everyday conduct. 
Although admitting to use that guy’s car, they claim nothing to do with the cause of death. It’s the fault of the Phlegm.

The Phlegm substance stands for literally materialising the mainstream. Taken from underground comics and horror films this monstrously mucus is used here as a hint to the ongoing overtake of commercialism and the amusement industry.

Watch it on SpOp’s vimeo channel

The Phlegm film project was presented at the Beamlab, Amsterdam
As an installation in Dek22 [Daily Mirror] and on the F.A.R.T exhibition/event, Rotterdam
Crew: Nina Boas, Ieke Trinks, Sabine Alders, Remco Beescow, Jeroen Kuster, Flori Wassenaar, Jaap Verheul, Arjen Stavenuiter, Sarah Washington.
Sound design: Lukas Simonis & Nina Hitz
All the rest: SpOp
DV 16:9 11:01min. 2010
Distribution : SpOp & Filmbank, Amsterdam
rental: Cultvideotheek Rotterdam
buy: Wormshop, Rotterdam

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