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Enhance Dehance

Two female spies are sent on a mission to find their missing colleague. A dangerous plot is being constructed by their boss being helped by a monstrous creature. The agents decide to manipulate the situation in their own favor.
The film Enhance Dehance examines aspects of power, visibility and the possible transformation of both. The subtext of the film gives a comment on the condition of  contemporary individuals. Those are being sketched  as chased and possessed by the cortex of an invisible system. The film points to the possibility of viewing reality in a new light through practising own judgment.
** up here fragments from the film
ConClub art event, Rotterdam 2008
Dutch filmfestival on September 2009
Kboek exhibition, Noordkaap, Dordrecht 2009
Driving cinema along the Film Biennale, Amsterdam 2010
F.A.R.T, Art event, Rotteram, 2009
Project description in the book : ‘Film3 [kyü-bik film]’
*rental: Cultvideotheek Rotterdam

Script and director: Marit Shalem
Camera: Lenno Verhoog
Set decor and props: SpOp
Sound design: Lukas Simonis
Actors: Regina Magnus, Isabella Lässer, Sabine Alders, Flori Wassenaar, Remko Theunissen, Lenno Verhoog
Voice over: Anne La Berge, Jim Whelton
Assistance: Petra van Asperen
Supported by: Dienst Kunst en Cultuur, Rotterdam
HD vid. 10min. 2008

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