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Betonno 1st

A four forty nine minute film with music by Marc Verhoeven.

The film Betonno 1st aims to follow the music and grasp its ability to specify the abstract. While the piece Left/Right 2 by Marc Verhoeven used in this film, is a result of an intensive layering and manipulating. The F from the word ‘leFt’ and the GHT from the word ‘riGHT’ were reworked countless times, the visuals as well, concentrate on ‘directions’.
The grid, the line and the route function as the light and flowing elements contrast the materiality of liquids, custard substances, wood and concrete. In this very abstract conceptualization, setting a parallel of visuals which relates and balances the sound in order to reflect its intangibility.

Concordia - part of the exhibition Hotel Europa, Enschede, NL, 27 Aug. - 9 Oct. 2016