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  1. Prod. Frozen Hope

    The good people during the making of Frozen Hope: Nathalie Smoor, Wilma Kun, Simon Versnel, Mia Andrésen, Bebe Beliz, Lenno Verhoog and Jan de Bruijn.

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  2. Three Channels in BuroRotterdam

    A trio exhibition with Fiona Weir, Hüma Birgül and me.
    Extra events include: Kruk with Bebe Beliz, Trickster with Gabriëlle Barros Martins, Vincent Denieul, Merijn van Ham, Jutu van der Made, Szuga Szu, Jan de Bruin and Pauline Curnier Jardin


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  3. On Set of Illu the second


    Tea and crumbles with Janine Brall (with an accidental prop) & Eugène Büskens.

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  4. Installation: The Second Illusion

    From the video installation The Second Illusion / photos by Lisa Diederik


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  5. ELO presentation

    Oct 2011: the only photo made [as far as i know] on a jolly pre-premiere evening of De Eeuwige Optie in Worm : Zoikle playing their first six songs.


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  6. on set of The Everlasting Option

    Here on set with Ilse Froklage, G.W. Sok, Tamarah Verhoog, Anna De Maesschalk, Roelof Kuipers, Rafaëlle Kwakkel and Maarten van Gent [sound]

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  7. #RaIR 3 Guest House

    An exhibition curated by Leo Delfgauw with former guest artists/former residents to Rotterdam Artist’s initiatives. Opened during Art Rotterdam 2011. Here with a photo by Babette Klein.


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  8. Kunstuur for R’dam TV

    Telling about the PfP/SpOp projects at Club Heidegger, for a Rotterdam TV programm hosted by Eugéne Büskens and Janine Brall. With performance group Tricksters, music by Static Tics and DJ Robert Kroos


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  9. at Kenafayim

    Work presentation at Kenafayim art center, Center of Arts for people with special needs in Tel Aviv , Dec. 2010


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  10. SpOp at Beamlab

    Presenting our methods on Beamlab Amsterdam- a platform for creative media hosted by Maaike Engels.


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  11. Dek22- Daily Mirror

    Curated by Sabine Alders with works by Charlott Markus, David Elshout, Joncquil, Marit Shalem & Lenno Verhoog, Onno Poiesz and Karin Schipper


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  12. Kboek at Noordkaap

    The group exhibition Kboek - Round Production opened on the 5th April in Noordkaap, Dordrecht, with a presentation of the artist’s book under the same title. The exhibtion included installation, sculpture, fanzines, video, fotoworks, objects and collage refering to aspects of power, artistic production and the so called ‘marketing concept’.

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    [photos by Jean-Michel van Braak, except for photos 04, 11-15]

    see the photoblog for photo’s of the opening and finissage

    kboek exhibition at trendbeheer

    kboek exhibition at Volkskrant

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  13. Kboek/Second Coming

    A weekend exhibition with an opening performance at CBK Rotterdam, 2009.
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    *Photos by Daan Emmen and Hillegon Brunt.

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  14. Vehiculum

    from series Vehiculum
    contribution for the Kboek exhibition by Lenno Verhoog

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  15. Prefab

    contribution for Kboek by Beeldcollectief Leoplod Emmen


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  16. Hear, see, what to say

    Hillegon Brunt - 2009

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