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The Layers series continues third evening: Greytone Rainbow on June 29 in WORM!




8 March 2016 in WORM Fuck You Friedrich manifestation, Live Cinema performance to the sounds of Kish’not .



8 March 2016 Jutta Mind looped screened at the opening of the Berlin Feminist Film Week, Babylon Kino, Berlin, Germany.


Jutta Mind will be screened/exhibited on 28th Festival Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques 2015:
November 6 - 11 / Marseille, Friche La Belle de Mai ,Espace Culture, ADPEI, SARA, La Fraternité, France
November 6 - 20 / [.Box] Galerie ; Milan, Italy

January 20 – 24, 2016, at Centro Centro Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain. official selection on Madatac 07 - video festival.

Frozen Hope on FIVC OFF - Cultural Center of Spain, dance film festival in Santiago, Chile, 24-27 November 2015

13 September - 10 October 2015 solo exhibition at Mirta Demare gallery. Video works and drawings.


Layers 2015 - series of curated short films continue in WORM Rotterdam. With the kind support of DKC - Rotterdam council.
Next on November 4: Grids- - Structures of sharing and sealing, giving and keeping, opening up or making exclusive. A mix of abstract visuals and documented stories.

April 2015: Residency in De Fabriek, Eindhoven = realizing the video installation Jutta Mind


Sound design: Lukas Simonis & Vincent Denieul.
Actors: Lotte Bovi, Lilia Scheerder, Jan de Bruin, Nick J. Swarth, Ilse Froklage, Carmin Karasic, Lieke van de Wiel and more.
May 8: Opening combined with a Layers screening. Exhibited until May 10.

June 21 2015 : screening in Extrapool, Nijmegen along with other SpOp / M Shalem films


With The L Series , new large works on paper and Catch on a Datcha : Opening 27th of March 2015 in NL=US Art. A duo exhibition with Pim Palsgraaf.
Schiedamsedijk 51, Rotterdam. Until May 15th.


Recently: a very short video clip with Jan de Bruin Malnutrition with a Mind for the band Stepmother (Lukas Simonis & co.) in order to promote their CD Calvary Greetings.


New new: a text by Robert Hamelijnck from Fucking Good Art to go with a download preview to do with the working period in Leo XIII, Tilburg and the work of Marit Shalem.
Also available here.


Frozen Hope will be part of R>>EJECT RADICALS in Roodkapje, Rotterdam, January 22 – February 1, 2015
A film version to the firstly born as a radio play Frozen Hope.
Part of the Int. competitive section MADATAC 05 19-22 Dec. 2013 at CentroCentro, Madrid ES.
1-15 Dec. on the Streaming festival in The Hague.
Screening on the fourth of October in the Klooster bioscoop during a Vrooom evening = meaning music hosting video something like that.
13 march 2014 on Off Screen film talkshow Rotterdam : screening of Frozen Hope and introduction to the Layers film evenings series.
May 2014 in a looped program at Urban Videolounge, Rotterdam



The new SpOp film: Catch on a Datcha with Michelle Wilderom, Gülümcan Tezcan and Joost Bult, voice over by Fania Sorel with a soundscape by Vincent Denieul.
As a video installation on It Never Happened, Noordkaap’s jubilee in the old cellar of Huis Roodenburch, Wijnstraat 153, Dordrecht 11-14 Sept. 2014
Lately exhibited at: LEO XIII Tilburg
Compilation: Catch on a Datcha
Interview on Stigmart/Videofocus.
In Madrid, Spain, Madatac 06 - 11/12/2014 - 11/01/2015



The very next Layers evening in Worm, Rotterdam, titled Die Arbeit will take place on the 10th of December 2014, 20:00.
Layers Die Arbeit is a program of curated shorts of varied genres and periods, creating a blob around the subject of accomplishing tasks and repetition, about ideas popping up and the dullness of running an economy. With films by: Anneke Coppoolse, Gil & Moti, Nick J. Swarth, Alison O’Daniel, Lernert & Sander with Arno Coenen, Feiko Beckers, Fucking Good Art, Chto Delat, Rotterdam City Archive and more.
The LAYERS series is aiming to dig under layers of commercialism and mono-beauties. Encouraging a pluralist and open approach.

Previous Layers evenings:
May 2013 artistic and semi commercial Layers 1 .
25th of June 2014 LAYERS evening titled Shiny Moments . About following the light, searching for the sublime.
April 2014 Liars in Layers Crooks and bitches and why are we hooked.
22nd of August 2014- a compilation Layers evening in Tilburg’s Leo XIII guest studio.
24th of September 2014 The String : variations on linearity.
29th of October 2014 Oh & Ouch on pain and sighs.


Guest artist at LEO XIII in Tilburg July-August 2014 following an invitation by Babette Kleijn.
Finnissage/presentation on the 31st of August 2014.
The period was concluded with the production of KDATCHA - an artist’s publication.



The drawing ‘Metabol’ from The L series makes an appearance in Mister Motley online magazine.
An article about De Dichtkunstkrant a project by Efrat Zehavi & Flori Wassenaar.